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Rel. Date: 08/05/2008
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Fascinatiion [Digipak]
Artist: The Faint
Format: CD
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Trent Reznor's homepage has got to be Pitchfork. Homeboy's taking Deerhunter, Crystal Castles, Does It Offend You, Yeah and A Place to Bury Strangers on tour this summer. If only he were such a man about town circa 2002, when the Faint were the next big electro-wizards, courtesy of breakthrough album Danse Macabre and corresponding hipster jam "Glass Danse." The Omaha quintet has moved on from safe haven Saddle Creek to their own label, a nominal reference to sophomore full-length Blank Wave Arcade. While their jagged, synth-driven, sexually ravenous, dance-the-night-away approach was pretty damn novel five years ago, it's been appropriated by countless bands since. So how does the quintet respond? If first single "The Geeks Were Right" is any indication, by not giving a damn about said copycats and rocking the same steez, with just as much playfulness and self-awareness. Who said change is a good thing anyway?